Everyone enjoy the Fireworks!!

7/04/2020- What a Beautiful 4th this year has turned out to be. 4 Guys Campground is full of Happy Campers enjoying the Sunshine and our Sparkling Pool!! We will have Fireworks this evening for everyone's enjoyment. Wishing all a Happy and Healthy 4th of July!!


6/20/2020- We had a fun early Fathers Day Fishing Derby today. A total of 45 fish caught in 45 minutes!! Joseph Vasiliauskas (8 yrs old) was the winner of most fish caught.  Josh Crowe won the Fathers Day T Shirt Contest thanks to his son, Zeke Crowe's nomination.  Wishing all the Fathers at 4 Guys RV a Happy Fathers Day 2020!! 


6/3/20- Hello from Sandy at the Camp Store!! It's a Beautiful day here at 4 Guys, the sun is shining brightly and there are several family's camping.  With things around us finally starting to Open up the Weekends are booking up fast. I look forward to seeing everyone. This is my 3rd year at the campground and it has been very different because of the Covid-19. I usually get to plan activities for Saturdays and Holidays but have had to hold off. I've been talking with the Guys about some Social Distancing games or activities to start soon. Since the pool is not open as of yet our thoughts are to have a Water Fun Day behind the store as I have done in the past and other outside games. I'll keep you posted on plans for future Saturdays.



4/5/20 - Please see our COVID-19 information page.  Thanks!


2/29/20 - Happy Leap Year Day!  Who is ready for camping season?  It is getting so close!  We have been working on the sites during the winter to make things a little better for you.  We straightened up ties, added gravel to level things up and have a few more things planned.  The permitting process for 16 more sites is coming along.  You are going to like those shaded sites on the other side of the creek.  We are going to drain the pool in March and repaint.  Looking at some nice lounge chairs for the pool too!  Bring it on!


12/9/19 - What a great year it was!  We just got two loops and the bath house shut down for the winter.  We keep sites 1-15 open if anybody gets a hankerin for some camping this winter.  We are already looking forward to 2020.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


8/5/19 - It's been quite a while since the last post as you can see.  Things are great and we keep getting busier.  We have been through a lot since the last post.  Two floods come to mind first.  We are in the process of adding 16 sites to the other side of the creek.  Most of them will have great shade with access to the creek.  They should be ready by Memorial Day Weekend 2020.  We have met so many great people and look forward to making many more awesome friendships!


2/11/18 - We have been up to a little here in between the ice and the rain.  We have some new signs that look great!  We have put a couple up and will have the rest up in a couple weeks.  We are going to be dressing up some sites with some landscaping and making sure all sites are as level as possible.  We also have one more round of hydroseeding coming in a few weeks and hope to get about 10 more trees in the ground.  We are very close to opening the bath house and want to get an earlier jump-start on the pool this year as well.  The 10 day forecast looks good as far as temps go so that's good.  I don't see any chances extended cold periods like earlier this year (knock on wood).  We can't wait to see the park full again.  We very much enjoy meeting new people and hanging out with friends we have made over the first two seasons.    See you soon!


11/13/17 - Thanks for another great year.  We have some new additions to surprise you with in 2018.  We will be working on them through the winter.  Already looking forward to Spring!!!

-Rob, Brian, and Larry

8/1/17 - Still rocking here and the weather last weekend was great!  Saw several fires going so that was good to see.  This weekend we are looking at temps in the 70s.  That is crazy for any time in August.  It really gets me excited for October.  In my opinion you just can't beat those crisp cool nights around the fire talking to good friends.  Our immediate goals for the park are site maintenance, more hydroseeding in the Fall, some trail building.  Some other one year goals are site expansion across the creek.  Sites over there will have awesome afternoon shade and easy access to the creek.  We will be putting a suspension bridge across the creek for those sites to have access to the bath house and pool.  We have a couple other goals that we are keeping secret for now, but it is hard not to share.  We are very excited about them.  See you soon!  

Side note: The first couple weeks are very underrated here in the gorge.  I would encourage you to get down here and see the last bit of color and see those rock formations start to show through the trees. - Rob

7/9/17 - To be honest, we have been busy.  Good news is, we have a lot of grass now, bad news, it takes a long time to mow it. : )  This year so far has exceeded our expectations.  We just had our 6th weekend in a row that was booked.  We have made so many wonderful new friendships and it's cool to see those familiar faces each week.  We just had a great 4th.  The two firework shows were out of this world.  We plan on doing another one for Labor Day weekend and we want July 4th, 2018 to be even bigger.  The 4th falls on a Wednesday next year so we have activities planed on that day through Saturday.  There is a four night minimum and people have started booking, so move quick.  The firework show will actually be on the 4th.  If you want to be here for late October, you need to book now.  We look forward to seeing you here at 4GRV!

3/31/17 - Back up and going!  Many of you rolled in this week for spring break.  Great to see you again.  Such a great feeling that camping season is back.  We saw several new RVs roll in today for their maiden voyage.  That's awesome!  Here is what's new.  The wedding barn is about done.  Take a walk over and look at it.  It is really nice and the new deck attached to it is huge.  This is a great venue for family reunions as well.  The barn house that we rent has had some major renovations as well.  It has four bedrooms so if you know of someone that doesn't camp, but wants to be where the fun is, this would be a good spot.  We have the poolside place house as well.  It is a three bedroom.  We have planted some trees with more to come.  We hydro-seeded and the grass is really coming along.  There is a new road up to the ridge that Appalachian Wireless built for a new tower going in.  Verizon will be using this tower too.  The road makes a great hiking trail and the view is breathtaking up there.  The basketball court was poured last week and the goal should be up soon.  Four sites have been added in the bottom.  A storm blew the awning off of the camp store so we are putting that back up and making sure that doesn't happen again.  Well, that's about it for now.  See you around the campfire. --Rob

9/9/16 - The past two months have been a whirlwind.  I feel like we have reached many of our goals for the summer though.  The pool is open, several weekends have been booked, October reservations are high and we are getting great reviews.  Thanks so much to everyone that has stayed with us, especially those who have become regulars!  The current goal is to get some topsoil in a few places to take advantage of the grass growing season.  We will be transplanting some trees and working on landscaping late this fall and late winter/early spring.  The park should be beautiful come April.  But let's not forget the October/November beauty coming up. (My favorite months of the year)  We will remain open through the winter months so don't be afraid to keep that camper ready.  November and December are great times to take in the arches and rock formations in the gorge.  Also, this is a great time to sit around the fire at 4 Guys!  If you need a place to store your camper through the off-season, give us a call.  We will take care of that for you.

See you soon! - Rob

7/7/16 - The July 4th weekend was a success.  Thanks to everyone that shared it with us.  Swimming pool is still coming along, but the rain lately has made it difficult.  Hopefully it will be open in a couple weeks.  Christmas in July is coming up on the 22nd.  Book now!  We have some other cool events coming up too.  To be honest, I am looking forward to October.  That is my favorite time of year and sites are already getting booked for that month.  

Come and see us! - Rob

6/28/16 - Pool floor is finally getting poured tomorrow.  The pool has been a huge undertaking, but will be nice when it is done.  Looks like we will be full 4th of July weekend.  I think there are three spots available so call if you need one.

6/13/16 - Wow!  We have been so busy that I have not had time to sit down to update this.  Pool is getting close and the bath house is open.  33 sites have full hook-up now, so book your site now, especially if you want a holiday weekend.  They are booking fast.  We appreciate all of the great feedback and likes on facebook!  

4/20/16 - We got the grass seed down on sites 1-12.  Those sites are pretty much done.  You can see at the bottom of the home page what site #3 looks like.  They turned out to be bigger than I expected.  It is really coming together and we will be ready a couple weeks before Memorial Day weekend.  The block is being laid tomorrow for the shower house.  Many of you have stopped by to see the progress.  Feel free to keep doing so.--Rob

4/8/16 - Bath House has been approved!!!  What's exciting about the bath house is that it has six seperate private shower rooms with a toilet and sink.  We are beginning construction on it Monday April 11.  Swimming pool was approved by the state too so it will go in right after the bath house.  We ended up taking four sites out to make some extra long sites for motorhomes pulling vehichles.  We have a few over 70 feet long.  All sites have 30/50 amp service.  I will post some new pictures next week because there are going to be a lot of changes.  Clark Energy has been out to pull wire and they will be out there again next week.  Looks like we will be ready for the grand opening.  We would be happy for you to join us.  We will be showing a movie for the kids, live music Saturday afternoon and the pool will be open also!--Rob

3/16/16 - Finally!  Online booking is up and running.  You can book your site now.  We are real close to having water, electric and sewer at the first 12 sites.  In two weeks come and check us out.  You should be able to see some finished sites.  Have a good one! --Rob

3/11/16 - We are still moving along.  Some electric pedestals are in.  Some of the sites already have sewer  and we should be adding water to some next week.  We are now taking reservations for stays starting on the Monday before Memorial Day Weekend.  We are just about fully booked for that weekend.  Wi-fi and Direct TV will be going in as soon as the electric, water and sewer are done.  Swimming pool and Bath House will be started about the same time.  There will be a lot of new stuff going in over the next four weeks.  Very Exciting!!!  --Rob

Happy 4th of July!!

Our vision here at 4 Guys is to provide a great place for campers with equipment of all sizes to enjoy this wonderful area.  We wanted to build spacious sites with water, electric and sewer.  The pool was a must for us and is now open May - September!  Wi-Fi has been extended to cover all full hook-up sites.  Direct TV coming soon to all sites.  We will be at a total of 61 sites soon as well.

We are less than 1/2 mile away from the historic Nada Tunnel and just a few minutes away from Red River Gorge, Natural Bridge State Park and Daniel Boone National Forest.  But what you need is right here so you never have to leave your full hook-up site.  Enjoy the swimming pool, fishing pond with big large mouth bass, Middle Fork Creek stocked with rainbow trout, onsite hiking and planned activities.  If you want to get out and see the sites though, you are minutes away from all of the attractions.

Whether you are a big rig owner or a primitive camper, here at 4 Guys, it is our goal to provide you with the best rving/camping experience possible.  Our sites are spacious and include sewer, water. electric hook-ups and wi-fi.  20, 30 and 50 amp service is available at every full hook-up site.